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How to Make a Daisy Sugar Paste Flower

Learn how to make a daisy sugar paste flower from cake designer Amy Noelle in this Howcast cake decorating tutorial, part one of a two-part series.


Daisies are really cute sugar flowers to make. They consist of the center and then lots of little petals. Let's start with the center.

The center is made up of a two gram piece of gum paste. I'm going to roll it into a ball. I want to make sure to insert a wire into my ball of gum paste.

But before I do so, I need to hook the wire so that it stays inside. I'm going to hook it in two ways. The first way is to turn it over, fold it over, and hook it so that it looks like a shepherd's hook.

Then, I take the wire and I bend it down. I want to make a short "T" or an "L." If I turn it upside down, to me, it looks like a golf club. I will take my golf club and insert it into my ball of gum paste and then pinch around so that the hole gets closed up completely.

Now, we want to make sure this center is pretty flat. I don't want to see a peak here. So I don't want anything that looks like a chocolate kiss. I want to push it down so it's nice and flat. To me, this looks like a flying saucer on a stick.

I'm going to take my center and I want to add a little bit of stuff that looks like pollen. I'll dip it into some edible glue and then roll it around into some sugar. Now, this sugar has been colored. All that I did was to add a little bit of petal dust. Some petal dust into a little bit of regular sugar.

I roll it around, tap off the extra. I need to place this in my foam block, in order to dry overnight before I begin to add my petals.

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