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How to Paint Sugar Paste Leaves

Learn how to paint sugar paste leaves from cake designer Amy Noelle in this Howcast cake decorating tutorial, part two of a two-part series.


In order to finish off my leaves, I want to paint them in order to bring out a depth of color. I already colored my gum paste, when I was creating my petals. I had added a little bit of food coloring, green food coloring, into the gum paste and had mixed that around.

Now, I'm ready to dust on using petal dust, for a little bit of highlight. I take my paint brush, dip it into my petal dust, and brush off the extra. I just want to add a little tiny bit, just to pick up some of those veins that we had put on. And that will allow some of those to show. I'll put that on the front and also, a little bit, on the back.

After I've painted all of my leaves, I'm ready to put them together. I have a few different sizes of leaves ready to put together. So I'm going to work with the smallest size first. I use my floral tape in order to attach them.

When I use my floral tape, I want to make sure to stretch it, in order to activate it. That will make it so that it's sticky. I want to fold over a teeny tiny little tab and stick the floral tape to itself. It pretty much only sticks to itself and not to anything else.

Then, I'll start to add one leaf at a time to create a spray of leaves. And I'm twisting the wires and stretching the tape, as I turn around. And I can create a branch with as many leaves as I want.

I like to work with branches that either have three leaves, or I might create a larger branch that has six. And this helps me when I'm working on large cakes, in order to create a nice flowing effect and also, to fill in, in between all the sugar flowers when I place them on my cakes.

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