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How to Make a Rose Sugar Paste Flower Center

Learn how to make a rose sugar paste flower center from cake designer Amy Noelle in this Howcast cake decorating tutorial, part 1 of a 6-part series.


I'd like to show you how to make a rose out of sugar, starting with a teeny, tiny little bit of gum paste, and turning it into this beautiful finished flower.

I start with a two gram piece of gum paste, and I need to build a center support. You notice on my rose that I have one wire that comes out of the middle. All of the petals are layered up on top of that single wire, so my center support is very important. I rolled a piece of two gram gum paste into a nice, smooth ball. I'm going to insert a wire. I have a very thick wire. This is an 18 gauge wire, and I've hooked the top of it to make sure that it sticks inside. I'm going to dip my hook into a little bit of edible glue, and brush off all of the excess.

I can insert it into my ball of gum paste, and then pinch around to make sure it's closed. In order to make the petals go the way I want them to though, I want to form this into a teardrop shape, and I hold it sideways and pinch the top so that I can make a nice teardrop shape. Now, this center support is super important, so I want to make sure to set this aside. Gum paste needs 24 hours in order to dry, so I'm going to set this aside and let it dry overnight. Then I can continue to add the petals the next day.

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