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How to Add Third Layer of Petals to Rose Sugar Paste Flower

Learn how to add the third layer of petals to a rose sugar flower from cake designer Amy Noelle in this Howcast cake decorating tutorial, part 3 of a 6-part series.


Now we're ready to finish off our rose bud. Our first layer had one petal; our second layer had two petals. Now it's time to add our third layer which has three petals. In the same manner as I did before, I've rolled my gum paste, using a pasta machine and then cut it with a teardrop cutter.

I'm going to grab three petals. These petals have also had their edges just thinned out, and the shape has been stretched to about an inch and a half. Same as I did before, I will apply a tiny bit of glue just at the base of the petal. A little tiny bit of a band around.

Now these petals though, I want to apply similarly as I wrap around. I'm going to leave the first petal, leave one side open, and I'll push the other side down. Then I go ahead and add my second one on top of that. When I overlap this one, I want to make sure that the center of this teardrop shape lines up with the edge of my petal. Remember, that I'm working with these so that the teardrop shapes are horizontally not vertically. I'm going to push that one down, and then I add my third petal. My third petal goes on, on top of the second one, but I do need to make sure that I tuck it back underneath that first one. Then I can pinch at the bottom to make sure that these are all adhered.

When I look at it from the top, I do want to make sure that these petals go around essentially in a circle shape. Now if I wanted to, I can leave this overnight to dry and then continue adding petals in a different manner to create a full rose bud, or I can leave this as a bud, and then add a calyx to finish it off.

I have rolled and cut with gum paste, green gum paste this time for my calyx, and I've pinched around the edges. I've cut this with a calyx cutter. If I go ahead and pierce my wire through the center and slide it all the way up, I can attach a tiny bit of glue here all the way on each of the five little fingers and then pull that up in order to finish it off, adding a beautiful calyx so that it looks like a real flower.

If you remember, I wanted to create a full rose, I would not put the calyx on. I would just leave my rose bud to dry overnight, and come back and paint it, painting it carefully in between each of the little pieces of the calyx. If though I wanted to turn it into a full rose, I would not add the calyx at this point. Just leaving my three petals to dry overnight, and then with a different technique we'll continue adding petals to create a full flower.

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