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How to Paint a Rose Sugar Paste Flower

Learn how to paint a rose sugar paste flower from cake designer Amy Noelle in this Howcast cake decorating tutorial, part 6 of a 6-part series.


In order to finish off our sugar rose, we want to paint it and add a finishing touch, add our calyx. In order to paint it, I use petal dust, and I like to use a wide paint brush in order to apply our color all over. I dip my brush into the petal dust and then brush it as much as I want. Remember, I can always add more color. I can't always take it off. So do be careful about adding too much at one time. But if I want a nice, dark color I will have to go a little bit heavier with the dust and then brush it all off. I'm going to go all the way over the front and the back of my rose.

Once I have all the color on, I'm ready to add the calyx. When I'm adding my calyx, I rolled out a piece of gum paste through a pasta machine and then have cut it with a calyx cutter. There are special calyx cutters. There are different sizes of calyx cutters as well, so make sure to choose the right size cutter for the size flower that you have. Remember, when we're adding petals, we can choose however many layers of petals to add, and then we want to make sure to choose the correct calyx for the size flower that we have.

I just add a tiny little bit of glue to each one of the pieces of the calyx, and then I'll slide each piece up. I want to find where there is an overlap between the petals and push the calyx up and adhere it to the flower right where that overlap is just to cover it up. Basically, I'm using the calyx to be able to hide any of the mess that we have underneath. It's amazing how adding a simple calyx can finish off a flower to create a beautiful sugar rose.

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