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How to Arrange Sugar Paste Flowers on a Cake

Learn how to arrange sugar paste flowers on a cake from cake designer Amy Noelle in this Howcast cake decorating tutorial.


When arranging sugar flowers on a cake, I like to have all of my sugar flowers right nearby. The other tool that I make sure I have is a pair of wire cutters in case I need to snip any of the wires before I put them into the cake. I usually like starting with my biggest flower first. I figure out where on my cake I want to place it. In this case, I'm going to start with a sugar Casablanca lily. I like when I have my lilies spilling over the edge of the cake, so I'm going to insert it so that the pedals come over the side of the cake.

Now I need to arrange all the rest of my flowers around it. I'm going to start again with the bigger flower, so my next are my daffodils or my tulips. I always like when there are flowers that are presented in groups of threes. So I might put three daffodils next to one another as I put them on a cake. And I'm going to use it to fill in all of the little holes and the gaps in between my flowers so that I don't see the part where it pierces the cake. On the other side I'll try to arrange my tulips, putting those in, again in a group of three.

And I like when sugar flowers point in different directions around my cake. This way when I view it from any angle, I can see all of the different flowers. We have a little bit of flexibility, remember when we were creating these flowers because a lot of these petals are individually wired, so we do have the flexibility to be able to move some of the pieces around as we need it.

Now that all of the big flowers are into our cake, it's time to look and fill in all of the little gaps. I'm going to turn the cake towards me and look where there might be little pieces that I need to fill in. Cherry blossoms and leaves and little daisies make for great fillers as you work around. I'm going to try to create some kind of a half-moon shape with my flowers because I want to be able to pipe around my piece. So as I'm grabbing my cherry blossoms, I'll bend the wire that they're on, so as they come around the cake they can fill in some of the gaps and some of that open spaces around the cake.

I'll put in one more spray of cherry blossoms, and now I want to add my foliage. So I use my sprays of leaves to fill in all of the remaining gaps and create some flowing movement down the side of my cake as I push them in. And I make sure to push them as far in as they can to fill in all of the gaps, but allow them to spill. I'm just bending the wires before I put them in so that they'll tuck over the edge of the cake and have a lot of movement to them.

I can put in as many as I want. Sometimes I like to have some that are pointing straight up so that they can add a little bit of extra height to the cake as well.

And my little daisies, I'll add just a couple of daisies just to come out at different points, just tucked in between some of the flowers. And now, as I mentioned before, I like to leave a little bit of space onto my cake, and that will allow me a little bit of room to pipe. I'm going to pipe, in this case, let's pipe a little Happy Birthday.

Now I have my finished cake.

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