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How to Make Sugar Flowers with Amy Noelle

Learn about cake designer Amy Noelle, one of Howcast's cake decorating experts, in this video.


Hi, my name is Amy Noelle, and I'm the owner of Sugar Flower Cake Shop. Sugar Flower Cake Shop creates unique special occasion and wedding cakes. They are made from local and sustainable ingredients, and they feature realistic looking flowers that are all handmade from sugar.

I founded my business on the principle that using local and sustainable ingredients makes for better and for fresher tasting cakes. Anything that we can get from our New York City green markets, we do, like berries and butter. But whatever we can't get, like sugar, and sugar just unfortunately doesn't grow in the state of New York, we get fair trade and organic certified sugar.

I got into this business after a long career as a mathematician. I used to be an actuary, and then I was a high school math teacher. While I was a high school math teacher, I took a couple of hobby classes and somehow kept getting pulled back towards the art of making sugar flowers. I decided to turn it into a business and have flourished ever since.

It's really important that you use sugar flowers as you decorate cakes. For example, real calla lilies are actually poisonous, and we would never want to have them come into contact with our food. So it's much better to create them in sugar in order to place them on a cake. In addition, even if you have edible flowers, such as tulips or roses that can actually be eaten, you never know how they're grown. And if they come with pesticides, again, we don't want to have them come into contact with food. So the best way to decorate your cake is to create them out of sugar.

You can check out our work and see more images of our beautiful wedding cakes on our website at Just make sure that you spell flower like the plants and not the ingredients.

In addition to creating beautiful wedding cakes, we also teach cake decorating classes. We hope the viewers of this video series will learn a little bit about the art of sugar flowers and be able to create their own wedding cakes and special occasion cakes at home.

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