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How to Play Hammer-On & Pull-Off Combinations on Guitar

Learn how to play hammer-on and pull-off combinations from guitarist Adam Smale in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


I'm going to show you a great exercise to get your hammer-ons and pull-offs together. So, just briefly, hammer-on means to get to a higher note, pull-off means to get to a lower note. So, on this exercise we're going to play four notes per string. I'm going to start at the first fret on the sixth string.

You pluck the first note with whatever finger you want. I'm going to use my thumb just give the string some energy. Then you hammer down on that note, hammer down on the next note with the next finger, and hammer on the next one. Then you move to the next string, and you keep that going. Always it's great to practice with a metronome to help your timing. Now you slide up one fret, you pluck the first note, and you do the opposite, you pull off. This is where it can get challenging. Just work your way through all the strings, and you can keep that exercise going. Once you build up the speed, [plays guitar]. Very impressive.

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