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How to Plant Your Fingers in Fingerstyle Guitar

Learn how to plant your fingers from guitarist Adam Smale in this online fingerstyle guitar lesson from Howcast.


There's something else that I'd like to bring up about classical guitar. That is the fact that they kind of have a little bit more strict rules than just general finger style guitar. Basically each finger is designated to a string. It's kinda like a little army of fingers that each one has its job and takes cafe of that job and doesn't go outside of its job. Maybe they're in a union or something.

Except for your thumb. Your thumb is able to play the bass strings. It kind of goes back and forth. Another thing I should add, again I'm not a classical guitarist, because I probably wouldn't be using a thumb pick, just a thumb pick works good for me instead of my fingernail. I tried using my fingernail before, and it doesn't really work so good.

The other concept is planting. We're going to start with that planting thing. We're going to bring fingers down so that your ring finger is on the first string, your middle finger is on the second, and your I finger is on the third string.

I'm going to alternate my fingers around on the bass strings just so we can get used to that. Let's play a G chord. We'll arpeggio a G chord.

[guitar music]

Planting is very important. The designation of fingers to their given strings will help keep you from playing the wrong string by mistake.

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