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How to Play Tremolo in Fingerstyle Guitar

Learn how to play tremolo from guitarist Adam Smale in this online fingerstyle guitar lesson from Howcast.


I'm going to show you another technique that's very useful, from the classical genre. It's called the tremolo. Now, tremolo is designed to have a busy single note happening while you play kind of melody notes on your bass strings. I'll show you. The pattern is thumb first, the A finger, M finger, I finger. But, your M finger and I finger, and your A finger, are staying on one string while your thumb moves around on the bass string. So, [playing guitar] like that. And then, once it's sped up, you can do things like this. [playing guitar] That's a very classical technique. Very easy way to come up with some new, interesting sounds that maybe you never thought of before, that you can borrow from the classical world.

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