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How to Play Intros & Outros in Blues in Fingerstyle Guitar

Learn how to play intros and outros in blues from guitarist Adam Smale in this online fingerstyle guitar lesson from Howcast.


I want to take this time right now to show you just a very simple, yet effective lick that you can play intros and outros, or by means to get back to the top of the song again. It's really, really simple. I'm using my thumb, middle. and index finger in that kind of a pattern. And the notes
that I'm playing, starting with my second finger on the third string, is a B. First finger is on the second string playing a D, the third fret, and then my third finger is playing a G sharp on the first string at the fourth fret.

[plays a guitar tune]

That's a great little intro that you can do. I'll do it again. I'll do it nice and slow. So this first position that I'm in right here, you're gonna want to play that twice. That's once. That's twice then slide down a fret, then another fret and then I'm using the G string open, hammering on to the G sharp at the first fret, and then two hammer ons right there on the fifth string. Hammering on to the first fret then to the second fret. And that gets you ready to come back into the top of the form. So what I'll do, I'll show you that lick and I'll start playing the top of the song.

[plays guitar tune]

That's a really good intro/outro that you can use to spice up your blues playing.

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