Martial Arts Legend Bruce Lee

Learn about martial arts legend Bruce Lee and his Wing Chun training from Sifu Alex Richter in this Howcast video.


Well, Wing Chun is very famous, mostly because it was the style that Bruce Lee practiced in Hong Kong. Bruce Lee only learned Wing Chun for a few years. He started in about 1954, when we was around 13 years old and trained for a few years under Grand Master Yip Man in Hong Kong.

What a lot of people don't know is that actually Bruce Lee didn't learn that much directly from his Sifu. He learned mostly from Sihing, Sifu Wong Shun Leung. There are a number of reasons for that.

The most famous rumor is that Bruce Lee was only three-quarters Chinese. He was one-quarter German because his mother was half. It was supposedly said that angered some of the other students there because he wasn't full-blooded Chinese. That was one of the reasons why they didn't want him learned from their Sifu. That's why they say that he had to go and learn from his Sihing.

Another commonly accepted story is that actually, at the time that Bruce Lee was learning Wing Chun, Grand Master Yip Man was unfortunately going through a lot of personal troubles in his life and wasn't really around to teach and available to teach, at that time because of his personal struggles.

For that reason, he handed over a lot of the teaching duties to his most senior students, which included Wong Shun Leung and a bunch of the other very first generation students of Grand Master Yip Man.

Bruce Lee was one of these guys. His Sifu was actually Grand Master Yip Man. He learned mostly from his Sihings and learned for a few years before coming to the states.

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