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How to Do a Gam Sau aka Pressing Hand in Wing Chun

Learn how to do a Gam Sau aka Pressing Hand from Sifu Alex Richter in this Howcast Wing Chun video.


Gam Sau is another technique in Wing Chun that's introduced at the Siu Nim Tau level, and it's continued on in the Chan Chi levels as well. In the Siu Nim Tau form, we basically have gam sau done in four directions. We have the two side gam sau's, we have the back, and then we have it to the front. Okay? And they each have their own different applications.

The frontal gam sau often is taught as kind of an adjunct to pak sau. It's almost like a pak sau that goes a little further down.

That's not the only application for it, in fact gam sau is really good when you're practicing chi sau, and you want to control somebody's arms, you can use the gam sau to really press somebody straight down. And the force here comes from the elbow, all right? That's why we practice it this way in the siu nim tau form.

If I were to simply just grab, his other arm still might be free to hit me back. So the gam sau will actually allow you to press and trap your opponent's arm, while you go ahead and punch. So this would be one simple application. Also if somebody was for example, trying to grab you or tackle you. Now of course, we're not talking about a very advanced level Ju Jitsu attack, but just a simple frat boy tackle, you can use the gam sau here, to control his neck, and then you can combine it with a movement such as an elbow or whatever.

I would recommend when you use the gam sau to control somebody's neck, that you actually do it this way. It's much easier to control the head, then if you just do it like this, he can slip off easier. So, we modify it a little bit for that. That's another application of the frontal gam sau. And another simple application of the side gam sau, which a lot of people are very confused on, could be for example if somebody tries to put you in some kind of funky, twisty arm lock, here, you can use the gam sau to slip out, before you come in and do other attacks to follow up.

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