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How to Do a Lap Sau aka Grabbing Hand in Wing Chun

Learn how to do a Lap Sau aka Grabbing Hand from Sifu Alex Richter in this Howcast Wing Chun video.


Okay. Lap sau is another common technique in Wing Chun, a simple explanation, is it, it means grabbing hand. It actually doesn't mean to pull which a lot of people think it does. It's very important to actually that you don't pull your opponent when you use the lap sau. You'll see some people when they teach the students they teach to actually pull in this way here. The problem is that if your opponent is very heavy or very strong or they're very skillful in Wing Chun, any force that I give him especially anything that goes towards me he can use that against me. If I pull him towards me he can come with an elbow or even worst yet I even just open up the line for another punch to come in. So what you always need to take in consideration especially when you’re fighting somebody whose got a very strong side guard is that you have to always watch out for the back hand. If I do some enormously crazy movement in the front and expose this one here it's going, you’re going to have disastrous results.

So if we were to make contact, either the guy is too close to you or I send my hand forward or he's even fired a punch at me and I use a lap sau. I'm always going to try to use it to turn his body a little bit. All right. In other words to move a little bit further away from his punching hand here. So when you do a lap sau, when you grab you shouldn't think of grabbing and pulling, which can open yourself up to being punched. You should either think about grabbing and pressing. Okay. And if your opponent is very big and very strong and you can't move them you can always grab and press yourself out of the way. All right. So either way you want the force to go further away now. Everybody is capable of grabbing and pressing because you've been to the supermarket and you've grabbed a shopping cart, you held on to it, and you pushed it like this. Unfortunately when people practice grabbing in martial arts, they always think of pulling. But for lap sau it’s actually the opposite. So I send my hand forward and lap sau punch like this and I send this forward. Okay. As opposed to coming towards me. This is the simple idea behind lap sau.

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