How to Do Chi Gerk in Wing Chun

Learn how to do Chi Gerk from Sifu Alex Richter in this Howcast Wing Chun video.


So Chi Gerk is a topic that's normally handled once a student is quite advance. So, traditional in Wing Chun, there is a lot of controversy as to whether Chi Gerk actually existed, whether it came from Great Master Ip Man or whether it was something that was developed by the students after the fact.

The truth is that we do have some ideas about where it came from. It doesn't really matter that much. What's important is, actual, all it is an application of the Wing Chun concept and the Wing Chun principle using the legs. So even if you're not always going to use it in a practical setting, it helps you understand Wing Chun a little bit deeper because you realize the concepts and theories of Wing Chun are not limited to just the hands or just punching. But actually they're about how we interact with our opponent in general.

So again we, don't really want to get in a situation where we want to play footsie with our opponent. Chi Gerk is something that is born out of a necessity if my arms are somehow taken out of they equation like he's grappling me or he's holding on to me. And now he comes to try to give me a kick or something like that. Now is the time where I'm basically forced out of necessity to use my leg. Alright? If I was standing here and my arm was free and he tried to kick me, I can just go in and punch him and I wouldn't have to lift up my legs and do anything else. This is a much quicker and better solution then lifting up your leg, But again it's not always the case.

Sometimes when people practice Chi Gerk, they put the hands on the shoulders. Sometimes people put it on the inside, one out, one in or both in. There's different reasons why we do it which is slightly beyond the scope of this video. But a real simple Chi Gerk exercise is this. If you run into somebody's shin, which is very common. A lot of Wing Chun people actually they do all their training from this position and this isn't really a position that you want to be in. Because the idea in Wing Chun is " I want to advance", " I want to go into my opponents stance"'. If I'm stuck here at the shin, I can only stay at punching range but I'm also here in his punching range too. What I want to do is I want to create a space where I can go into his stance and put pressure on him. So, real easy to that, when you run into somebody's shin here is use something called Pak Gerk. Which is like Pak Sel but it's with the leg. So I use my foot to basically sweep his leg to the side and create an opening to step in here like this. Real simple foot maneuver. Alright. Pak gerk is very very practical for that situation. Other things we can do in Chi Gerk without giving too much away. If he lifts up his leg, I basically want to stick to him with positions that we went over before with Pan Gerk. Which is to the outside, which exposes his supporting leg here for a kick or a knee. Or if he's on the inside we have Pon Gerk, which sets up the side kick and also a knee attack. These are some basic Chi Gerk ideas. Most of what we have in Chi Gerk requires the end of the wooden dummy form in order to be able to do it because it's a lot of kicks and tactical footwork that's necessary for it as well.

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