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How to Do Seung Chi Sau aka Double Arm Chi Sau in Wing Chun

Learn how to do Seung Chi Sau aka Double Arm Chi Sau from Sifu Alex Richter in this Howcast Wing Chun video.


So, after a single arm chi sau, the student progresses to double arm chi sau. The first double arm chi sau exercise that we traditionally teach the students, is called pun sau. Pun sau can mean winding or also in a similar way to rotating arms.

This is basically an extension of the single arm chi sau, just done with two arms. And the idea is right now at first, not to worry too much about direct attacks coming in, so much as to just kind of feel how your partner's arms move, and to learn to stick to your partner in the same timing. Not to be faster and not to be slower, just to stick to them.

Once the students have a fairly decent grasp of pun sau, then we normally will progress into what we call sections or sequence training. Section training is basically just a bunch of routines that the students are going to learn. So, they learn if A attacks with this move, then B will defend with this move. It's very paint by numbers, and this is just a teaching system. This actually isn't the end result that we want in Wing Chun. We don't want to fight according to any kind of program, or drill,s or sequences, but it's kind of a necessary evil to teach the students how to defend certain attacks. We have to give them a starting point.

Then eventually, when the students understand how to move and how to flow, then we progress to what we call gwa-sau which is chi sau sparring, or lat sau which is the more aggressive variant, where your partner is basically attacking in any which way. And then we can combine attacks and also sweeps as well, and put the whole Wing Chun arsenal in there. All right? So it becomes limitless. We also add kicks, punches, everything in there to the mix.

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