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How to Do the Second 3 Sets of Siu Nim Tau Form in Wing Chun

Learn how to do the second three sets of the Siu Nim Tau form from Sifu Alex Richter in this Howcast Wing Chun video.


Okay, so now we're going to go over the second part of the Siu Nim Tau form, which is actually set four, five, and six of the form. So, assuming you're already doing the form, you're already in the stance, okay? Then we're going to start with the left gam-sau, then the right gam-sau, and then the hands go behind nice and tight and we do the back gam-sau, bring it in close tight to the back, and then to the front, and then the frontal gam-sau.

From here, we go up and do the double arm lan-sau movement, and then we're gonna do fa-sau this way, and then back. What's very important and if we repeat the fa-sau movement here, is that the movement actually comes from the elbow and then extends out from the hands here. You don't want the movement to come from the shoulder, like this. The movement is actually the elbow, and then the hand comes out this way here, so it's like a piece of rattan or like a whip going out.

And then, you come back. The right one is on top, then we bring the left one underneath - this is the double jam-sao, from there we go into double tok, which is the lifting hand motion, then comes the jut-sao, fuji-sao, longbridge gam-sao or chum kiu-gam-sao, and then tai-sao, circle, and withdraw the arms - that's the fourth set.

And we go onto the fifth set, which is very short. We start with the left hand, side palm, back to the center. And then, we do the side lying palm, open, circle, huen-sao, and back. What's very important in this set, when you do the side palm, alright, is when you bring this back, to keep the elbow nice and low and to keep this in the center. You don't want to go past and open up your center line when you do this. You keep this here in the middle, and then you launch the palm from the elbow, open, and then circle as always.

The sixth set of the form you go back starting with the left hand, we do tan-sao, directly like this. From here, we're gonna sink the elbow and shoulder into jam-sao. Now, the elbow is going to sweep out into what we call gwat-sao. After that comes lao-sao, which is a straight, straight scooping hand motion. Now, we're gonna have the circling hand, the elbow stays in place and then we do the low palm. What's very important with the low palm is that you land with the palm this way here, where you actually hit.

Some students commonly make a mistake like this; you don't wanna hit with the edge of your thumb. You want to hit with the bottom of the palm. And then you open, circle, and then withdraw the arm. And then you repeat it again on the right side. Tan, jam, gwat, lau, huen, dai-chueng or low palm, huen-sao, and then hao-jarn or back elbow. And that's the second part of the form.

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