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How to Do the Final 2 Sets of Siu Nim Tau Form in Wing Chun

Learn how to do the final two sets of the Siu Nim Tau form from Sifu Alex Richter in this Howcast Wing Chun video.


So now we're going to do the third part of the Siu Nim Tau form which is the last two sets. And very simple, so imagining we're already in the form, we're already set in the stance, we're going to start with the left Bong Sau. Now what's very important is that the Bong Sau is done in a very relaxed way, so the movement is not coming from the wrist, it's actually the elbow that's going forward, so this part here should be nice and relaxed.

When you roll into Tan Sau, if you imagine that your hand is here stuck in place, it should stay like this. You don't want your Tan Sau wrist to drop down or to pull out. So a really good exercise is actually to go like this and drop your elbow up and down like this and it stays in the same place. So it goes from Bong to Tan.

And then he's going to retract the hands and do what we call the reverse palm. This is done under the chin and this is mainly for stretching out. In application, we always apply this one low, but in the form we do it little higher to stretch our joints a little more. Then you open in circle, and then you withdraw the arms. And we do it on the other side Bong Sau, roll into Tan Sau, reverse palm, stretching the arm, open, and circle.

And now the final set is Fook Sau, or the freeing hand motion. He's going to bring his left hand down, put the right hand on top, and twist both arms at the same time, so you see when this goes down the bottom hand twists and the top hand twists at the same time.

So we do this a total of three times. All right. And for normal practice you can do it a few more times. So if we go back to the top of the set, bring the left hand down, right hand on top, and you go one, two, and on the third one you close the left fist.

And traditionally we finish the form with three chain punches, though normally for a warmup for start of class you should do at least 50 or a 100, you got a nice solid warmup there, you're gonna open, circle, and then retract. And it's always good after you've practiced the Siu Nim Tau form to take your knees and then bring them up to your shoulders as high as you can because you've been spending so much time in this stance, you don't wanna get stiff, so you wanna shake out your legs and stretch them out a little bit after you do the form.

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