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How to Do Wing Chun with Alex Richter

Learn about Sifu Alex Richter, one of Howcast's Wing Chun experts, in this video.


Well my name is Alex Richter. I'm the chief instructor of City Wing Chun here in New York City. This is one of the largest Wing Chun schools in the US, and I'm very proud to have developed it over the last ten years. I've been practicing martial arts since I was eight years old, I started with karate as a very, very young guy, I got beat up and bullied by my neighbor and I begged my mom to let me start taking karate, especially after I saw the Karate Kid and I really wanted to go and do it.

And really there was one day where I was sick and home from school, my father brought the movie Enter the Dragon from Bruce Lee for me to watch because I had to stay home and it was the first time I had ever seen Bruce Lee, and at first I wanted to be the Karate Kid and after I saw Bruce Lee it was like, nope, I want to be that guy. And Bruce Lee completely changed my outlook on martial arts and was one of the reasons I got interested in Wing Chun.

And I wasn't able to practice Wing Chun until much later when I moved to Seattle as a teenager. And luckily there was actually a Wing Chun school in the town that I lived in and the instructor, Sifu Johann, was actually a descendant of some of Bruce Lee's very first students in Seattle.

And so the first Wing Chun style that I practiced actually wasn't traditional or orthodox Wing Chun, it was basically based off the modified Wing Chun that Bruce Lee was teaching in the states. So my luck is always that, and I tell my students this, I've always had a fantastic audience of these really amazing masters throughout my entire life, when I really wanted to do Wing Chun and I knew that it was what I wanted to do, I shipped myself off to Germany to train at Leibniz Academy which at that time was the main trainer academy for the EWTO, and for three years I trained six hours a day, five days a week, so I basically was a professional full-time Wing Chun student for three years.

I'm basically by trade a Wing Chun instructor, this is what I've been trained to do. This is all I do. And when I came back from Germany, as a primary level technician I started teaching here in New York City. But the last ten years that I had been practicing and teaching Wing Chun, I had the extreme privilege to learn from the great master himself, great grand master [Lam Ting] from Hong Kong, through seminars at my school, also instructor classes in Hong Kong, and of course through private training.

So if you want to find out more about Wing Chun classes here in New York City or other classes and schools in your area you can visit our website, it's, C-I-T-Y-W-T .com. So now it's time, I'm going to start teaching you a little bit about the Wing Chun system.

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