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Aquarium Maintenance with Joseph Caparatta

Learn about Joseph Caparatta, one of Howcast's fish tank experts, in this video.


Hi. I'm Joseph Caparatta. I own this beautiful store, Manhattan Aquariums. We're on the west side of Manhattan, at 522 West 37th street. We also service aquariums. We do custom installations, design them, maintain them; that company's called New York Aquarium Service. I've been working with fish since I was 13. I started working at a fish store. I fell in love with it. It's been a hobby and a passion of mine. I'm fortunate enough to have a great crew of people working with me to provide the same joy that we have for lots of people.

Our store's open 7 days a week. Free parking on the weekends, which is unheard of Manhattan, but we really do have a lot here that you could park in. I encourage anyone if you're in New York to stop by. We have lots of amazing displays to inspire you. We have all the supplies and all the fish for sale here at our store. Now we offer salt water fish and coral online at If you have any questions, definitely email me at or, and I'll personally respond to any emails, whether it be just questions about a tank you want to set up, questions you have regarding your filter, or anything regarding live stock form coral, salt water fish, freshwater fish, anything. I'm here for you. This is my passion, been doing it for 25 years now, and I look forward to helping you. You could also get more information and check us out on Facebook or on our websites,, We have tons of coral, tons of fish, available online. I really forward to working hands-on with you.

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