How to Combine Double Hip Locks with Undulations

Learn how to combine double hip locks with undulations in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


So, now let's combine double hip locks with undulations. We're going to start facing flat forward, just as lifted lower abs are contracted in. We're going to press our way to the right leg, and then to the left leg.

Remember, you want to keep your knees bent. We're going to push our way to the right leg and straighten the right knee twice, and it all results in a hip lift. Pushing away to the left, right, and left.

As you're doing this move, you want to make sure you're really pushing your weight from side to side. That way, you can actually take a small step forward, or from side to side, if you want to do that. We're going to try to do that right now.

Starting to the right side, taking a little step forward, push to the right, and left. You want to angle your body a little bit, so you're not completely flat. That's what we did, just to start, but you learn to add more dimensions to the move.

Next, we're going to add our hands. You're going to indicate where you're going with that same hand. Active hip, active arm. Once you extend it, show the level, and remember you have a beautiful shape to the hand. You're dropping the middle finger toward the thumb. Left hand, same shape. It comes out to a cup of the head. Pushing to the right. Transition to the top.

Next, we're going to add undulations. We're going to pivot a little bit. We're going to have our right shoulder, downstage, so a little closer to the front. We're going to step with the right foot forward, left foot back, bring the chest forward, and contracting it down. Up and down. Up and down. The arms will open. We can travel with this move, and it's a little easier if we go fast, to stay on your toes.

To combine the two, were going to start with a double hip drop, hip lift. Right. Left. One and two. Do that again. Let's try it with music. Now full speed.

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