How to Do Hip Circles & Layer Shimmy

Learn how to combine a vertical hip circle with an opposite hip push and a layer shimmy in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


Next let’s combine vertical hip circles with vertical push, or opposition push hip lift. So we’re going to start with our feet underneath the hipbones. Knees are soft just a little bit.

Remember to always tuck the lower abs in. Always tuck the tailbone under. You don’t want to have a full curvature in the lower back. That’s not really good or safe.

So you want to make sure you have (?) below the belly button. So I’m going to take a step with the right foot and shuffle the left foot next to it. Take a step and shuffle, step, and shuffle.

With a hip lift, we’re going to push our weight out to the side. Lift the hip up and drop it down. So these are circles lifting up and over, in, up, over and in. Now with the opposite hip pushes with the same footwork, but the accent is sharp.

So we’re going to straight up and up, and up. So let’s alternate the two. So we’re going to start with a circle first. Up and over and up. Up and over and up. Let’s try the other side. Up and over, up. Up and over, up. Outside hands.

So we’re going to extend the arms in the direction of where we’re going. Switch. Let’s try that with music. Double time.

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