How to Combine Hip Drop & Kick with Traveling Hip Circles

Learn how to do hip drops and kick into two traveling hip circles in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


So next, let's combine hip drop and kick with traveling hip circles; pushing your weight to the left leg, having the right heel lifted.

Remember to keep the standing knee, the weight-bearing leg, the knee is always bent.

Keeping this heel up to push the hip up, and down, and then release into a kick.

Remember to always point your toe. And try to extend the foot carefully; don't try to really kick too hard but extend.

Other side.

And now, with hip circles, we're going to do small ones; they're going come outside of our normal alignment. We're going to push our weight to the left, then forward, right; and these don't really affect our upper body, they're just going around.

I'm going to travel with these, pushing our weight to the opposite side of where we're going; weight is forward into the toes. Right side, bring the feet together, pull the lower abs in.

Remember to, again, tuck under, don't release the lower back.

Taking little steps to the right, together; other way.

So combining these with hip drop and kick. One, two, three, four, step onto that foot, and around; we're on the other side.

So let's try that with music.

Double-time. Let's change the hands a little bit; we're going to keep them here, let's frame the hips.

Last time.

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