How to Combine Hip Slides & Horizontal Figure 8s with Twist

Learn how to combine hip slides with outward horizontal figure 8s with a twist in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


Next, let's combine hip slides with outward horizontal figure-eights with a twist. So first, let's start with the horizontal slides. Knees stay bent, chest is up, lower abs engaged, pushing your weight from side to side. Remember to keep your hands, head, and chest in the same position, and it's just your hips that are moving. And if you want to remember, we're trying to keep the line on our hips completely parallel to the floor. There should be no lifts. You shouldn't be sitting to the hips. Just a perfect little slide.

Now, outward figure-eight is exactly what I described before. So we're going to push the right hip forward, going along the corner, back corner, and sliding through to the other side. Right and left. And they're horizontal, parallel to the floor. And as you're doing this move, you're also pushing the weight from leg to leg. So as you're circling the right hip, my weight is completely on the right leg. My left leg is there just for balance.

So now we're going to add a twist. We're going to start our figure-eight, as we normally do, with the right hip coming forward, doing a first loop, and then as you begin to transition pushing the right hip back, we're going to focus on the left hip instead, and bring it forward and back. So once again, twist, forward, back. And then, when we return, we're going to continue the figure-eight like nothing happened. Left side, forward, back. Right, left. Right, left. So it's like a normal figure-eight with a hiccup.

So let's try putting that together. Four hip slides. One, two, three, four, and out. One, two, three, four. With music.

Now full speed.

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