How to Combine a Traveling Hip Lift with a Shoulder Shimmy

Learn how to combine a traveling hip lift with a shoulder shimmy in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


Now let's try combining a traveling hip lift with a shoulder shimmy.

So we're going to start with our feet together. We're going to come up and then take a little step right, right, right. Left side, nice and simple. Now by keeping the knees bent we're going to allow the hip to pop up. Now we're changing the weight a little bit so the right heel is lifted a little bit more. Left heel, it's closer to the ground but it's not going to be completely flat, but it'll be traveling quickly. So, one, two, three, four. And just for fun let's change the last accent. So we're going to go up for three. One, two, three. And the fourth one just bring your foot a little bit behind you so the accent goes a teeny bit back. Back, one, two, three, and back. Left arm up, indicating where we're going with our right hand.

One, two, three, bringing down, as the back accent comes up.

Next let's go over our shoulder shimmy, extending the arms, keeping the hands really, really still. Chest is lifted. And to give this a little bit more movement we're going to do a little sway, pushing our right foot out, pushing our weight to the right, left, and right. And to give this a little bit more texture let's change your timing. So go slow to the right, left, and we're going to sneak back really quickly and bring the foot in. So slow, left, fast. Putting them together.

Let's try that with music.

Other side.

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