How to Combine Shoulder Circles w/ Chest Circles, Lifts, Drops

Learn how to combine shoulder circles with chest circles, lifts, and drops in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


Now let's try combining shoulder circles with chest circles, and lifts, and drops. So first, starting with just the shoulders, keeping the hands very still, try not to push the arms away as you're working through the shoulder. Lifting it forward, up, back, and down, forward, back, up, and down, and connecting those ducts to create a smooth circle. And when we're working with both shoulders we'll alternate which one is moving first. So the right shoulder will move forward and then the left. Next is a chest circle. You want to remember to keep your lower abs engaged and keep the tailbone down so try not to arch your back as you're moving your upper body. And the circle will come forward, right, forward, left. And then we're going to do a chest lift and a drop. And remember that action is initiated from the upper back to lift, and the upper abs that squeeze to let the chest drop.

So now let's combine them into a series. So right shoulder rolls, left, chest circle from right, to left, a lift, and a drop. One, two, three, four, and then the lift and the drop. Let's try that with music.

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