How to Combine Big Hip Circles into Head Slides

Learn how to combine big hip circles into head slides in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


Let's try combining big hip circles, and leading them into head slides. Starting forward, pushing your weight to the left, all the way forward, right, and back. These are big hip circles; they do influence the upper body. You're no longer going to stay upright, but you're going to tilt in the opposite direction of your hips.

Starting in the center, pushing to the left, forward, hands closed, lift up. You're going to slide your head right, left, right. Remember when you're sliding, you're trying to keep the head parallel to the floor, you're not tilting, and you're reaching your ear from side to side, like somebody's pulling you. Starting with the hip circles, let's try that with music.

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