How to Combine Mayas, Belly Pops & Reverse Undulation

Learn how to combine mayas with belly pops and reverse undulation in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


Now, let's try combining mayas, which is the downward vertical figure eight, with belly pops, and reverse undulation. So, starting with the mayas, you lift in the heel, and you're pressing your weight from side to side, keeping the chest, head, and arms very still. And remember to really squeeze the hip up. Remember, the hip bone wants to meet the rib cage. It's going right up. Stretch out, drop the heel down, and switch your weight. Now, for belly pops, just a review, we contract the whole belly, and then we push the whole belly out. Contracting nice and tight, and pushing out. And reverse undulation, we're starting with a lower ab contraction, upper abs, and then it's just lift. Let's try that with music. Full tempo. Switch feet, start on the left.

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