How to Combine 3-Point Turn with Vertical Single Hip Figure 8

Learn how to combine a 3-point turn with a vertical single hip figure 8 in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


Now let's try combining a three point turn with a vertical single hip figure eight. So we are going to start by pushing our weight to the left leg, extend the right. We are going to step on that leg, bringing the left foot to it.

At this point you should be facing back, and then shoot the right leg over, and bring it in. So, once again. Step, open, together, open, together. The other side, open, together, open, together.

As you turn, the hands mimic what's happening with the feet, so as you step out your arms are long. As you step together to face back, the hands cross around the solar plexus level. Not too high up, not too low. Then you open, back out. After this, we are going to proceed into a single hip vertical figure eight, starting with the right hip.

So, our weight is on our right leg, left hip is lifted. We are going to dive it forward, back, and forward, and back in a figure eight. It's flat against this wall, imaginary wall, and we are going to dive three times. We are going to go forward, back.

So that's one full figure eight, and then we are going to do half, one more circle. Then we'll prepare for the other side. So, from the beginning, one, two, three, four, forward, back, forward, right, left, forward. One, two and three. Let's try that with music.


Now full speed.

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