How to Do Stationary Hip Circles

Learn how to do stationary hip circles in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


So now let's take our stationary hip circles. They're small. They are not influencing the upper body and let's learn how to travel with them.

So just to review very quickly the knees need maintain this slight bent position. The lower abs are engaged. You are always protecting your lower back. You are always contracting under, chest is lifted, shoulder blades are pulling down the back, and neck is relaxed.

And we're pushing away to the left, forward, right, and back. And if you pay attention to your feet you should feel the weight follow the hips.

It's more of the hips following the weight, then the feet. So, when you push your weight to the left the weight is on the left foot. Your right foot should be there mostly for balance. I can actually lift my right foot off the floor, that is how comfortable I am in that position.

And keeping my hips horizontal to the floor.

When I push forward the weight goes into my toes. And I am contracting into the upper abs ever so slightly so my upper body doesn't point up, but maintains the vertical position.

Now I push to the right. Again my left foot feels weightless and then back.

When I push my weight to the left the weight should be in the left leg, the right foot should be there mostly for balance. And I'm trying to keep the line on my pants horizontal to the floor. So, still no lifts. It slides to the side.

When I push my weight forward the weight is in my toes. And I'm contracting my upper abs ever so slightly as to not point my upper body up but keep it upright. So, the hips are coming forward and the upper abs are engaged.

From here you are pushing to the right and again the weight is entirely on the right leg. Left leg is there for balance.

When you push back the weight is in the heels and this time you're contracting the lower abs elongating your spine.

So, side, forward, right, and back. And connecting those dots you are creating a circle. And you're upper body stays pretty much in the same space and the other way.

So, now to take this move and travel with it, we need to pay attention to our weight.

When we push our hips to the left, like I mentioned, your right foot should be weightless. This is when you're going to sneak it out to the side.

So, it's a little bit of opposition.

Then you're going to the weight in between both legs. The toes are weight bearing, to the right. And this is where you sneak your foot in.

So, from the side, as you pull your lower abs in, push the hips back. Your left leg sneaks in.

One, two, three, together. Step, forward, side, together. Same thing to the other side. Side.

Let's do that with music.


[inaudible 4:10]

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