How to Do a Figure 8 with a Twist

Learn how to do a figure 8 with a twist in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


So now let's try our horizontal figure eight.

This is the outward horizontal figure eight. And add an embellishment.

So let's just assume our original position.

So, we are going to stand with the feet underneath the hip bones, the knees are bent. Chest is lifted and we are pushing away to the right and left, to create our figure eight.

Remember that initiates with a twist. Right hip comes forward, and you push your weight forward, trying to hit the diagonal of the room.

Imagine you are in a box.

Then going along the wall as far back as possible, and then sliding through the center. You want to really contract the abs here, and slide through to the side, along the wall. And right, and left.

And again, this figure eight doesn't really have any vertical dimension. You should strive to be parallel to the floor in this dimension here, along the side of a table.

Now, let's add a little twist. So, we are going to start like we usually do. One hip starts forward and it almost completes an entire loop. As soon as we hit the back corner, we are going to switch our attention from the outward hip to the one that's underneath your ribcage now. And let's just work with it a little.

We're going to do a little twist forward, and back. The same movement we do when our feet are planted on the floor evenly. We're just sliding out to the side, and it's a little bit on a diagonal so you're one hip is at a backward corner and the other hip is underneath the ribcage, working with twisting it back and forward.

Let's try the other side. So, we are going to go all the way around, hit the back corner. Make sure the other hip is right underneath the ribcage, pushing forward, and back.

Now let's combine that into a clear combo.

So, circle. Stop somewhere in the middle right before you hit that back diagonal and you're going to twist the left hip, forward and back, and then continue.

Circle, forward, back. Circle, forward, back. One, forward, back.

Let's try that with music.

Let's speed that up.


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