How to Do Shoulder Shimmy & Chest Lift Moves

Learn how to layer shoulder shimmies on slides, circles, and chest lifts in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


So now let's try some layering. Let's initiate the movement with our shoulders so we're going to push the shoulders forward and back. And keep the hands still. And we can speed that up to our usual shoulder shimmy. And we can layer shoulder shimmy over lots of different other movements.

So in the beginning, let's try using our chest at the same time. So let's go over our slides. They're just going from side to side. And remember to keep your belly engaged and your knees are staying nice and soft and your hips are not moving so when you're moving the chest, you're frozen from the waist down.

So here are slides. And we can try to add them to the shoulder shimmy. Pushing to the right and pushing to the left. And right and left. Now after this are lifts. So let's turn a little bit sideways and you're going to squeeze between the shoulder blades to lift the rib cage up and release it down. And up, and down.

And after this you can try to combine all those different dimensions into a circle, so lift and down, here's a circle, let's try to layer a shimmy on top of it. Let's try that with music. Let's go in the opposite direction.

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