How to Do Shoulder Shimmy & Hip Slide Moves

Learn how to layer shoulder shimmies onto hip slides and hip circles in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


So now let's try laying a shoulder shimmy on the other movements.

We worked with our chest. But we can also continue a shoulder shimmy while working with our hips.

So, let's go over our slides, nice and clean, and our small circles, going in either direction.

We can also work with our shoulders while working with our hips.

So, let's keep our shoulders moving, and think of, actually don't think about them. Think of putting it on autopilot.

So, you're not even thinking about what's happening in the shoulders. And pushing your weight to the right, and left, and right and left, and trying the circles as well.

Let's try that with music.

A bit faster.

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