How to Do a Veil Switch

Learn how to do the veil switch move in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


So now let's try doing a Veil Switch.

This move is also known as Around the World. So, you might hear it by both names. And in beginning, just want to prep by holding the veil in-between your right hand and left hand, obviously, draping the veil around the index finger, or scissoring it between the middle the finger and the index finger. S,o it depends on how you hold it, it ends up being pretty much the same thing.

So you want to make sure that the veil is tight enough where you could lift it, and it could be pretty much in line with your shoulders. But also loose enough that there's a lot of fabric on each side.

So usually we work with about three yards of fabric, two and a half, three yards.

And in terms of length, it should be at least from the waist to the floor, that's how long you want it to be, how wide you want it to be.

So we're going to start with the veil in front of us. And we're going to bring the right hand, keeping the left hand still, bring the right hand all the way around, so we end with the veil behind us.

And then keeping the right hand still, bring the left around us, back and forward.

In the beginning you might want to just think about tracing the outline of your body, going past the arm, and then shoulder, the other arm. When you go a little bit faster, you actually want to avoid touching your body, so it floats around you.

And the hand will start to move, so you will not necessarily just hold the hand there completely still. You might do that if you're going very slow, but when you go faster the hands will help, and they will move. And obviously you can go in both directions.

And normally we will actually start with the veil behind us, so let's try that coming from the back. So it's behind us, right hand around, and back. One full circle. Forward and back.

And we can also add a big hip circle. So as we come around, we're going to push the right hip back, left, and forward.

So let's try a combination. We're going to do one circle upright, and one with a big hip circle.

Let's try it with music.

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