How to Sway with a Veil

Learn how to sway with a veil in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


So now let's try a little sway combination at the veil.

So we're going to bring the veil forward in front of us, and lead to the right, lead to the left, bring the right foot in, and then we're going to take a step forward.

So just the footwork leaning to the right, leaning to the left, bring the foot in, and forward.

Side, side, together and up.

Through the veil, we're going to, into shoo the fabric away from the body and we're flicking the wrist quite forcefully to let the whole fabric fly. And you don't wanna pull the fabric back.

The idea is especially if you're using the silk veil, you want to let the fabric come down naturally. That's the most beautiful part of the veil movement. So, you don't wanna force it.

So, we're going to reach, reach, and we're going bring our hands together and back to back. And push the veil through so it's the same kind of movement only both hands are working at the same time. It's coming through the center.

We're gonna do it one more time.

And next time we're going to step through the fabric.

So the hands are coming straight up and then open behind you to let the fabric come down in its full length. So, one.

Let's try that with music.

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