How to Do the Envelope with a Veil

Learn how to do the envelope with a veil dance move in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


So, the next movement is called The Envelope.

We're going to bring your hands a little bit higher up, So, about shoulder level.

We're going to bring the right hand to the left and just grab the veil, so my right hand's completely free. So, all you do is grab.

You're going to make sure that the edge of the veil is resting on the shoulder, and then you're going to slide the hand and try to find the middle position, the middle point on the other side, the right side.

And the next thing is your hide in this little envelope, so you're just going to come up.

Close. Slide the hand and press up. You're going to keep this shape. And if you bring the hands down, you have a little window.

So, this is a different way of embellishing the dance, kind of hiding and taking a peek out.

So, let's try this movement. And it looks a little bit more pretty. If you get into it while not just standing. So, we're going to go into a spin.

Turn over your left shoulder. Step your right foot forward. And as I'm facing back, that is when my hands are going to meet.

And when I turn around, my envelope is complete.

Then just slide the right hand forward and open to release.

Let's try that with music.

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