How to Balance Something on Your Head

Learn how to balance something on your head in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


So the first step of learning how to balance things on your head is finding your balancing point.

So you want to stand nice and tall and keep your chin lifted at a natural angle parallel to the floor, not too far up, not too far down. And this is where you want to keep your head as you practice putting something like a book or a small box and just starting to find the spot where you can let go.

So at the beginning maybe you just wanna stand there and move your head around a little bit, move around a teeny bit just to find that sensation. So you should be able to feel whatever it is you're balancing on your head, I recommend a book.

And when you feel a little bit more comfortable, turn on music and try walking around to the beat.

In the beginning it might be a relaxed walk so you might be just walking around.

Then maybe you want to try to speed up a little bit.

Then later if you're comfortable try some of the belly-dance moves we've learned a little bit.

Some [inaudible 1:23] maybe. Maybe some hip drops. Maybe hip circles. Or upper body isolations.

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