How to Do Level Changes

Learn how to do level changes in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


So, whenever you're more comfortable with balancing, you might want to try a prop.

So, in belly-dancing, we often use things like swords, canes or trays to balance on top of the head to demonstrate your strength and dexterity and to mesmerize your audience.

Now, the heavier the object, the easier it is to balance. If it's lighter, it might slide off your head, you wouldn't even feel it. So, try something heavier, like a heavier book or ultimately, a sword would be very helpful for you to figure out how to balance comfortably.

Once you're comfortable doing that, having something on your head and moving to the music, you can add more dimension to your dancing if you add level changes.

So, to do a level change, I recommend having one foot in front of the other, coming up on toes and keeping your core really engaged.

The more you pull that belly in, the easier it will be to descend and ascend back up.

So, all you would do is come straight down and then come back up. So, let's try that with music.

You can try to layer some movements.

The harder version is using your hips. Especially on the way up.

And another one that can definitely take the breath way is a sudden drop.

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