How to Play Doubles on Finger Cymbals

Learn how to play finger cymbals doubles in this Howcast belly dance video featuring Irina Akulenko.


In order to learn how to play finger cymbals and dance at the same time, you need to start very slowly. So what we will do is one hit and one step at the same time.

So let's just try that with music. If it's faster.

So now we can try to double up. We are going to play two hits per one step. And the hit will happen as a step occurs. So that's the first one, and the second one will happen in-between as you transfer your weight. And I suggest alternating the hands.

You're going to play right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left.

And if you step first with your right foot, your right hand and right foot will always coordinate. Right, left.

Then you're going to step with the left foot, and it's going to be your right hand. Right, left, right, left.

So as you switch feet, the hands stay the same.

Let's try that with music.

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