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How to Warm Up Your Voice with Practice Scales

Learn how to warm up your voice with practice scales in this Howcast online singing lesson featuring singer Anya Singleton.


Hi. I'm Anya Singleton, and this is my accompanist and friend, Matt Gallagher. We're going to talk about how to warm up your voice. We're going to do scales; we're going to try a little bit of humming first on a scale, just to get everything flowing. Then we're going to expand to some open vowel sounds. We'll start first with the humming.

The important thing that you want to do, what we're doing here is we're going up, what we call a half step, each time. That just enables you to tune in, get the pitch together, make sure that you're hitting the notes as you're warming up. Humming is great because it keeps everything warm without stressing the vocal folds. Now we're going to try it on a little bit of an open vowel sound, which opens up the throat and gets you ready for singing.

You would keep going up the scale. Then if you're comfortable and you want to warm the lower part of the register, you would come back down. That's an example of how to warm up your voice while using practice scales, both on humming and also on an open vowel sound.

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