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How to Find Your Optimum Pitch

Learn how to find your optimum pitch in this Howcast online singing lesson featuring singer Anya Singleton.


Hi. My name is Anya Singleton. This is how to find your optimum pitch.

What does that mean, first of all? Optimum pitch really deals with where your voice lives. What is the most comfortable place for your voice to live pitch-wise? What I'm going to really discuss here is speaking into singing.

A lot of us tend to speak very differently than we would sing. What that does is puts a lot of wear and tear on your voice. Let's say that you're somebody who tends to be very . . . a lot of us tend to be very relaxed in our speech, especially as Americans. We do a lot of, "Yeah. Hey. How are you? What's going on? Is everything cool?"

That's not supportive, and it's also employing very little range or dynamics; it's very flat, it's very low-key. Then you go and sing, and you're going to sing a big belty song with all these great ranging notes. I think what you want to think about is, in your day-to-day, where should you really be talking? Think about it more as, "I should be talking where I sing."

If you have a belty voice, then you want to think about talking with a little more dynamics in your speech; a little more range in your speech. That will free up your throat and your voice to be ready to sing more easily, rather than coming from one place and expecting to be able to expand to this huge place when you don't use it every day. I think, think of talking as a warm-up to finding your optimum pitch.

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