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How to Pick the Right Song for Your Voice

Learn how to pick the right song for your voice in this Howcast online singing lesson featuring singer Anya Singleton.


Hi, I'm Anya Singleton, and we're going to talk about how to pick the right song for your voice. So, first of all I think you have to ask yourself, what kind of voice do you really have? Some people are great at certain singing styles. Some people have a really great bottom range. What do you do well? Really know what your strengths are, and that is going to help you pick the right song for you.

For example, if you use any number of really famous musical theater people, let me use Liza Minnelli as an example, she's not really a great, great singer in terms of technique, but she's an incredible actress and she picks songs that are what she does well. She dramatizes a song, she connects to the songs, and she's able to draw the audience in that way.

If you're a person who has an incredible high rock belt voice, then you want to showcase that. What it really boils down to is: What are you hoping to accomplish with the song? If you go and audition for something, for example, choose something that you do well. Even if it's something that it not exactly what they're looking for, if it's what showcases your voice best, then that's what you should choose.

I think picking the right audition piece or the right song for you there's a lot of factors at play, but basically you want to make sure you feel good doing it, you sound good doing it, and you really feel like it really showcases you in your best light, and that is the only thing about picking the right song for you. I think that's the most important thing, because if those things are in play, then everything else will fall into place.

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