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How to Sing a Duet

Learn how to sing a duet in this Howcast online singing lesson featuring singer Anya Singleton.


Hi. I'm Anya Singleton, and we're going to talk about how to sing a duet. So, when you're singing a duet, you want to think about what are you singing about. I think that's the most important thing. What's the relationship with the person that you're singing with? So what's the song from? If it's from a show, for example, what's the relationship that you have to the person that you're singing with?

So there's two types of singing that I can think of, and the main thing is you're singing at an equal level. So it's a duet where you're singing with each other. You know, you're either communicating something to each other, or you're harmonizing together, and it's equally presented, meaning you're the same volume, you're trying to match each other, you're breathing at the same time, and the goal of that kind of singing is to really blend well and make sure that you and the person that you're singing with really sound like you're like one and the same. You may be singing different notes, but you're sounding like you're blending well. And that's a complimentary way of doing a duet.

And then there's stuff where you're the lead singer and somebody is doing back-up singing. And so if you're a back-up singer in that context, you're going to want to maybe pull back a little and let the lead vocal be a little louder. So there's different ways to approach it. I think for most duets, you're obviously singing with the other person. So I think it's really down to blending and making sure that you guys match each other and that you're on the same page, especially if the song is something that you're singing to the other person.

And so you want to figure out what it means, and then you want to make sure you're on the same page. And that's really the key to singing a duet.

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