How to Do a Bachata Turn for Women

Learn how to do a bachata turn for women from Latin Dance company Joel Salsa in this Howcast dance video.


Daniela: This is the bachata turn for the ladies. We start going to the right, five, six, seven and step one, two, three tap. Basic one more time; and right left, right tap, five, six, seven a little faster. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Now from the back, five, six, seven and one, two, three tap, basic and now with the gentlemen.

Edwin: So gentlemen, we're going to start by first lifting the ladies hand up, right before the turn to let the ladies know that she's going to turn. We're going to start on the five, six, seven tap; one, two, three tap. Hand goes up and one, turn for the ladies; and five, six, seven. One more time; one, two, three tap hand goes up; one, two, three tap, five, six and seven. Gentlemen, you want to make sure that your hand is nice and secure. You're not squeezing the ladies thumb and all you're doing is drawing a nice little circle above the ladies head, as you're going into the turn. At the end of the turn make sure you collect the other hand, so you can feel free to go into the basic.

Daniela: Ladies, also make sure that you're spotting where you're going. That means look to where you're going so you don't bump into anyone.

Edwin: And gentlemen, as well make sure that you're looking to where you're going to turn the ladies, so as to make sure you avoid obstacles. If you see something in the way, you stop or you change the ladies direction. So we're going to start by going and one, two, three and tap, five, six, seven. So notice I looked right when I was going to turn her and then I stop and look at her at the end. Now let's try this with some music. So gentlemen, notice how I'm protecting her the whole way. I'm asking for the hand right after, just in case we need to change direction. And now with your free hand gentlemen, feel free to put it in your waist or just out in the open. And five, six, seven tap.

Daniela: And ladies, know that you can also do this turn to the left, exactly the same way. And this is how you do a basic turn.

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