How to Fuse Salsa Moves into Bachata Dance

Learn how to fuse salsa moves into bachata from Latin Dance company Joel Salsa in this Howcast dance video.


Edwin: How to incorporate salsa into bachata. This pattern is going to start with the basic in place and one, two, three tap, five, six prep. And one, two, three, hand toss and catch. Open up and wrap the ladies in. Unwrap the ladies out. Free spin into a simple dip. Now let's break it down. So the first thing is we're going to do the basic in place and one, two, three, four, gentlemen prep the ladies on the top and one.

Daniela: Ladies we just do a turn in place.

Edwin: You're going to bring the hands to this side. Toss to the other side.

Daniela: Hand goes all the way up.

Edwin: Catch, here we're going to open up one, two, three, allow some momentum and wrap the ladies up. Nice and stable. Open the ladies up.

Daniela: Ladies, you're going to style your hand out.

Edwin: And bring the ladies in nice and secure, before she goes down, and simple dip.

Daniela: Ladies, make sure you hold on to the guy, so you don't fall.

Edwin: And gentlemen, hold on to the ladies. So now the count is going to go five, six, seven and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three tap, five, six, seven tap. One, two, three tap, six, seven and catch. Now gentlemen, make sure that with this hand toss here, try not to put the ladies' hand down.

What you want to do here is a slight, little nudge and her hand goes on her own. You don't have to give the ladies too much force. And also make sure that you open the ladies up, so that she knows that something is going to happen here. Give her a cue. Then you wrap her up and here you have to be very supportive. The ladies are actually spinning, so she's going out. You prep, I'm still marking the time on the tap. You release her, bring this hand in slowly and we catch. Let's try this with music. One more time. Five, six, seven and that is how we incorporate salsa into bachata.

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