How to Fuse Merengue Moves into Bachata Dance

Learn how to fuse merengue moves into bachata dance from Latin Dance company Joel Salsa in this Howcast dance video.


How to incorporate merengue into a bachata. Merengue is a very, very interactive and playful genre. What we're going to do is have as much fun as we can with this next move. We're going to start with the basic and one, two, three forward. Going to let go and swing back. One, five and seven and we come back together five, six, seven. One, two, three. Let's try it from the other side. Five, six, seven and one, two, three tap, open up and we swing back, five, six, seven and we two, three, get back together.

Now let's break this step down. We're going to start by basic in place and one, two, three tap. Five, six and open up. Here when we open, this is our cue that we're going to be going away from each other. So if you want to give each other a little push which helps, we're going to start by swinging, swing tap, swing tap, swing tap, swing and tap. Here comes the basic.

This basic into each other should be very playful. You're kind of going to get your partner, right? It's, like, "Hey, where are you going?" And you're back to where you started. Now the tap. Make sure that when you're swinging, the tap lands in the middle, then you open. Middle open, middle open, middle and then we're ready to pick up our partner.

Daniela: Ladies, for you it's all about the hips. Just keep moving your hips. If you want to move your hands side to side that's great. If you want to move them up and caress your body, not always level, but you'll look sexy.

Edwin: And gentlemen, for you merengue's all about this whole feeling sure about the dance. We have to make sure that you feel the bounce in the step. You're bouncing. Your arms are not doing too much, but you're still guiding them one side then the other. Now remember when you're getting close to each other again, make that basic very different, than when you're just social dancing.

You're just kind of picking up your partner, like, "Hey, how are you doing?" And you're back to normal. Let's try this with some music. Other side. Make sure that you have as much fun with this step and gentlemen make sure that you feel confident. Make sure that you smile, look at your partner. Look at each other, interact, and have fun, and that is merengue into bachata.

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