Ladies Styling for Bachata Dance

Learn ladies styling for bachata dance from Latin Dance company Joel Salsa in this Howcast dance video.


Ladies styling for bachata. Basically, we take different arm movements from other genres, such as salsa. We can go basic bachata to the side and one, two, three. Five, six, seven. Arm goes up, and arm can go down. Play with your hair. We can bring the arms across and down, tracing your body. We can leave the arms in front, but the most important thing is for you to feel sexy, any movement you're doing.

Same thing. We can do a forward and back. Fluff leg forward and going back. The arms can go across and down. Your arm can go up and down and the same thing we can do in place. We can move the hips. Going forward, tap forward. And we can use the arms while we're doing the hips.
Let's try that with some music. Going forward, tap arm goes up and down. Forward, across. Make sure you're really using your arms and your hands. Let's not have dead fingers. Same thing, going forward with the hips. Forward tap forward, and using the arms with the hips.

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