How to Do a Bachata Body Roll & Booty Roll for Women

Learn how to do body rolls and booty rolls in bachata dance from Latin Dance company Joel Salsa in this Howcast dance video.


I'm going to demonstrate how to incorporate a body roll and a booty roll into bachata timing. We go one, two, three and booty roll and one, two, three body roll, down and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And now to break it down, we start to the right. Only half of a bar. One, two, three, four, booty roll with the left leg together with the right to go another half bar and to the left leg going forward to your body roll, and reverse, tap and right back to your basic.

To break down the booty roll and the body roll we bring the left leg out for the booty roll. It makes a whole circle so it hits the left side, the back, the right and then back together to the right. For the body roll we have our left leg forward. We go body roll, down and up. So we do first the chest, the ribs, the pelvis and stick the booty out. Very important and then we bring it all reverse.

Let's try this with music. Booty roll, body roll and now let's try the other angle, and booty roll. Left leg and body roll forward. Left leg forward and up and back angle and booty roll with the left, basic, body roll, basic, and that's how we do a booty roll and body roll to bachata timing.

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