Bachata Dance Tips for Men

Pick up some bachata dance tips for men from Latin Dance company Joel Salsa in this Howcast dance video.


Bachata tips for men. So men I'm going to give you some tips for your social dancing. The first one is how to ask the ladies to dance, how to deal with rejection. So the first thing is you're going to gracefully ask for the ladies with your palm face up, she accepts, you're ready to go. If she says no gentlemen, you gracefully walk away. Try not to really be persistent on the ladies, they sometimes have too many dances and they just want to relax, so we have to be respectful about that.

Second thing is gentlemen; we are here to support them, and to see that they look the best they can, so that they can get dances with the other people, right? So try not to be the kind of guy who overpowers the girl or shows off. For example, you're dancing and you're over here, not even looking at her eyes, showing off all your moves while she's there, just "What's going on?" So gentlemen make sure you take time to connect to the lady.

Make sure that every dance is a story. You're connecting here. You're smiling at her. She's smiling at you. You're looking at something together. You're looking at each other and you're looking around together. Everything you do, make sure that she shines and you're there to support, unless you let each other go, which is a good moment for you to then show off some of your steps.

So the first thing is when we're dancing, we're always looking at the ladies. If she looks comfortable she smiles. If she's uncomfortable she doesn't smile, so we have to make sure that we see what's going on. Maybe we're too close. Maybe we're too far. Maybe we're just doing the same move over and over. So give her something that she can work with.

Gentlemen, make sure that she's turning. You let her take her time to turn. Try not to rush the lady, so if she's doing a slow turn, you watch her. Let her go around. So it's all about making her look good. Try not to do too many tricks or too many moves while the ladies are doing their moves, all right?

The last thing gentlemen is to avoid being the kind of guys who give the ladies multiple turns, five, six turns in bachata, that's too much for the ladies and that's for other dances. So make sure that the ladies always feel comfortable with everything you're giving them. So if you're giving them one turn, she smiles, she likes it. That means you can do it again or do something else.

Gentlemen, also be careful not to show off too much, make sure that you're not connected to anyone else on the dance floor, but your partner. And the last thing gentlemen with that in mind, try to always make sure to stay away from the bathroom list. The ladies have a list of all the guys that you shouldn't dance with and I'm not supposed to tell you this, but don't be on that list all right? Just make her look good and you're safe and those are the Bachata tips for men.

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