Bachata DanceTips for Women

Pick up some bachata dance tips for women from Latin Dance company Joel Salsa in this Howcast dance video.


Daniela: So I'm going to give you a little tip for women when we're dancing. When we're dancing with a gentleman sometimes they like to get too close, and we don't feel comfortable dancing with them like this, because we might not know them. They just might be some random person that asked us to dance. Therefore the way we try to push away is the elbow pushes out with the hand and he will understand that you don't want to be that close.

Therefore you will have more space to open up and always smile, everything's okay. Make eye contact, feel sexy, be sexy. And also if a guy is asking you to dance and you wouldn't like to dance with him whether you had too many dances before, or you just want to have a drink, or you're sitting down or you really don't like how he dances, which is okay.

He will ask you to dance and you say, No, thank you," politely with a smile, making eye contact. Make sure you don't look away and say, "No, no, no, not you." because that's not nice. That would be very rude. So always very nice, "No, thank you" or if you would like to dance with that person later on, because you're too tired at that moment you can say, "No thank you, but I'll take the dance later."

And there is nothing wrong ladies with you asking the gentlemen to dance. So if he doesn't approach you again, you know it's okay don't get offended by them not coming back, but you can go to them and be like, "Okay, would you like to dance now?" And they will always say yes.

Edwin: Yes.

Daniela: And those are a few tips for women.

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